• Lycan’s Revenge: Making of “The Last Extinction”

    September 10, 2014 59_27 Watch the chapter video from Chapter 9, now on our YouTube channel. (from Chapter 9)   “What is it?” Dean said. The scientist stared back at him. “They’re going to catch the last one,” she said. “That’s impossible,” Manuel barked. “Run your numbers again, Felicia. There must be some mistake–” But before he could finish, the birds that had been circling the boat all morning landed on the sea surface and a fog blew over the boat. Dean looked over the ... Read More
  • Wisdom of the Animal Council: The Making of “The Last Extinction”

    August 15, 2014 The final version of the Animal Council at Machu Picchu. Click on the movie above to watch the ‘enhanced illustration’ from Chapter 8. This is young Pah’s view of the Animal Council meeting in the remote ruins of Machu Picchu. “There were animals, hundreds of animals.” “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Pah told Christina. “Creatures from all over the world. Never have I seen anything so beautiful.” She stopped for a moment, seeing in her mind’s eye the scene. “The animals were gathered there,” she continued, “high ... Read More
  • Secrets in the Wheel of Omagua: The Making of “The Last Extinction”

    August 5, 2014 chapter02_spread_fin   When I first conceived the storyline for my book, “The Last Extinction,” I knew a credible, believe-able  back-story was essential to grabbing the reader right from the start. One of my goals for the book was to trace the dislocation of man from Nature through time. I’ve always been fascinated by our split from the natural world: when, where, and why humans began interpreting the world on our own terms. I was presented with a ... Read More