The Last Extinction Process, Part Three: Field Station Scene

By Steve Buccellato – October 8, 2013

This post is the third in a series of behind-the-scenes peeks at the creation of the art of The Last Extinction.

This shot is another piece with art by John VanFleet. It depicts an archeological field station in the Amazonian rain forest, where we catch a glimpse of The Wheel of Omagua: an ancient artifact whose discovery is a story element of The Last Extinction. It’s a pretty simple shot, but I think it’s extremely effective for it’s purpose: to set a mood for the story chapter in this enhanced eBook.

The process for creating this shot was typical for the project, except for the addition of a 3D rendered element: the Wheel of Omagua. Because this artifact is such an important part of the storyline, we decided to create it as a 3D model to be used in many situations, while keeping the details consistent…

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